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We are in the midst of revolutionary transitions: not only from physical cash to electronic cash; but also from something even more fundamental. Namely, we are transitioning from centralized to decentralized cash.

Paytaca aims to be one of the prime movers in making this revolution happen. We would be at the forefront in this effort to introduce decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash to the world by making it even more accessible to everyone, everywhere.

We believe that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is currently the cryptocurrency that is best positioned to become the peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world. We thus work on building on top of BCH to create the future of finance that is trustless, decentralized, and non-custodial.


Our Products

  • Paytaca Wallet App - Secure and convenient Bitcoin Cash wallet app

    The Paytaca wallet is our primary vehicle in bringing Bitcoin Cash to everyone, everywhere. We have the app built for the browser, mobile, and desktop with features that are accessible and easy to use both by beginners and advanced users.

    Paytaca wallet brings the power of BCH to the hands of every user, with their private keys solely under their custody giving them complete control of their own money.

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  • Watchtower.Cash - Your App's Bridge to the BCH Blockchain

    Instant and reliable infrastructure connecting your app to the BCH blockchain. Watchtower is built to guarantee 99.99% uptime and reliability regardless of scale.

    Watchtower is the backend infra powering our Paytaca wallet app but is also open for use to other apps/projects offered as a service.


    Source code:

  • Connecta - Chat-based storefront and ordering system

    A Facebook Messenger chatbot with an automated end-to-end ordering system. Orders are picked up from merchants and delivered to customers by our logistics partners. This is currently serving about 40 merchants in our pilot scale operations.

    Orders in Connecta can be paid with cash thru Cash-On-Delivery (COD). Integration with the Paytaca wallet app is underway so that customers can pay with BCH.

    Note: Connecta is temporarily deactivated while the integration into the Paytaca wallet app is ongoing. Target relaunch is January 2023.

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