Building secure financial technology products >> for everyone.

Financial technology has been changing at a rapid pace. But millions of people around the globe still do not have access to basic financial services.

Paytaca wants to bridge this gap as we introduce clever and user-friendly innovations through the safety and security of digital money -- as if you have cash on your hands.


Our Products

  • Paytaca Wallet App - Secure Bitcoin Cash wallet app that works offline
    The wallet app is unique in the sense that it tries to address issues that hinder mass adoption, specially in emerging markets where internet connection can be unreliable. The wallet app facilitates offline transactions at the time of purchase. This is achieved through multi-sig accounts, partially signed transactions, and delayed settlement. Check here for a more technical description.
  • Gateway for processing online payments with Bitcoin Cash that links to merchant's wallet app.
  • Connecta - Chat-based storefront and ordering system
    A Facebook Messenger chatbot with an automated end-to-end ordering system integrated with Paytaca wallet app and HiBes local delivery service.

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